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  WeChat is one of the most popular mobile apps in China. With the massive user base, WeChat has become a marketing platform for all kinds of possibilities. Yet, being an instant messaging tool in nature, WeChat is different than other social media platforms you are already familiar with.


WeChat is one of the fastest growing mobile apps in China with currently over 500 million users. The marketing opportunities presented by WeChat are immense! It will have great potential for brands to seek business growth in China. WeChat enables users to send instant text and audio messages while also having social media sharing features such as a newsfeed (Facebook & Instagram), a focus on short messages (Twitter), video calling (Skype), location-based services (Foursquare), and a payment system. WeChat is the new king of Chinese social media. Many marketers consider WeChat as a unique tool to engage the fans and customers of their brands. The unmatched social platform and tremendous marketing opportunities of WeChat are highly pursued. More companies are now developing a distinctive profile on WeChat to enhance brand exposure. WeChat is now the primary source used by Chinese consumers to follow and interact with their favourite brands, how can brands get on WeChat? Contact HexaSEO and get your WeChat official account. Time is change, don’t miss this new opportunity.


If you already have an active interest in China, you might know the answer already: WeChat. But to a lot of people living outside China, the name of the universal messaging application might be very unfamiliar. However, in China, WeChat marketing is a shorthand for marketing in general.

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Every visitor to China is required to apply in advance for a visa; some emergency circumstances allow foreigners to obtain a visa on arrival for Shenzhen. Visitors to China need an invitation from an official Chinese organisation that declared the entry is necessary or in a case of emergencies, such as passengers and crews of an international flight which encountered technical problems or health conditions.


  Most foreigners from nations that have official relations with China holding a document that approves they inexplicably have to enter China but do not have time to apply for a visa.

The rules governing the granting of a visa on arrival do not apply to nationals of the United States and France.


1. You have been invited at the last moment by a Chinese host to a trade fair in China.


2. You have been asked to come to China to make an offer or to sign a formal or economic trade agreement.


3. You come to China to monitor the control of import and export goods by agreement or to participate in a control acceptance business by your agreements.


4. You are invited to attend the installation of equipment or emergency repairs as part of construction projects to participate.


5. You come at the request of the Chinese Seitenach China to solve a problem of claims.


6. You are invited to China to carry out technical advice.


7. You come for top work on behalf of your company with the consent of the Chinese counterparties.


8. You come to China to help or visit patients in critical situations to or to take matters a funeral.


9. holder of a transit visa, which can after 24 hours due to force majeure not use their transport or other means to leave the country in time.


10. Other guests who couldn't apply for a visa at a Chinese embassy abroad and courier of letters and telegrams of great importance.


Please note:

Visitors have to leave at the end of the visa or travel into China mainland for obtaining a valid China Visa.

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Bitcoin is an electronic currency that allows instant payments all over the world. It uses peer-to-peer technology to use; bitcoins are released and transactions are maintained collectively on the bitcoin network and by the bitcoin algorithm, with no central authority.

 Many CFD brokers offer Bitcoin CFD Trading. CFD provides investors exposure to all sorts of financial resources, index, or product brief or long leveraged positions - and never have to bodily own the fundamental asset itself.The extreme volatility of Bitcoin price helps it be very appealing to day traders.

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