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Operation guidance of gold ore crusher

If crusher machine work in poor conditions, and maintenance is not in place, there will be a variety of problems. Thus, users need pay attention to a few aspects of the problem to ensure gold ore crusher operate normally. 

 1. Control lubricating oil in the right temperature, not too high or too low, will affect the machine running. 
2. The material which need to be crushed can not be too wet or too dry, if it wet and sticky, also small, easily causing stuffy car stranded in the crushing cavity. 
3. Replace lubricating oil periodically, if not, which will accelerate the wear of the gear and the bowl-watt, bushings, and even the sleeve. 
4. Spring pressure can not be too tight, otherwise it will occur off-axis accident.
 If the pressure is too small, spring frequently beating, which cause gold ore crusher fail to work properly and the product coarsening. Pay much attention to the working process of gold ore crusher and arrangement for the appropriate location of the crushing production line, coupled with the above points, gold ore crusher must have a longer service life and higher working efficiency.

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