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the coating color is firm easy to wear imitation Cartier love bracelet reflective effect

The so-called radio wave table, the fuselage by the atomic clock and radio reception system, issued by the National Timeline Center accurate time, through the radio receiver system to receive, after the CPU processing time, wave table 30 million years error will not exceed one second. Simply said is a standard time information to receive radio waves, you can automatically check the time of the watch. Proofreading The radio watch automatically adjusts the time and date of the watch by receiving the standard time radio signal emitted by the signal tower. Standard time signal is used in high-precision cesium atomic watch theory, one hundred thousand years error of one second. In Japan, Citizen is the first company to devise a wave table and is always the leader in this field. Rhodium plating on other metal surfaces, the coating color is firm, easy to wear imitation Cartier love bracelet, reflective effect. rhodium Atomic number 45, atomic weight 102.9055, element name from the Greek, the original intention is "rose". In 1803 the British chemist and physicist Wollaston separated two new elements, rhodium and palladium from coarse platinum. Rhodium in the crust in the content of one billionth, often with other platinum elements dispersed in the alluvial deposits and sand deposits. Rhodium metal is extremely hard and very wearable. Our common silver-white bright stainless steel is coated with a layer of nickel metal, its hardness than copper, zinc, tin, cadmium, gold, silver and so high, while the rhodium metal is even higher than the hardness of nickel metal A chip. Rhodium has good chemical stability and oxidation resistance, so the rhodium-plated movement is bright and hard, and can maintain its gloss in the air for a long time. Rhodium-plated Rhodium is silver and white precious metals, expensive, rhodium-plated process is complex, high technical requirements, rhodium-plated treatment, can form a hard, wear-resistant, bright surface, and corrosion resistance, chemical stability are greatly improved, which can Improve product reliability and service life. Rhodium price: November 1, 2009. New York rhodium spot price is $ 2,100 / ounce November 1, 2009. New York gold spot price is $ 1045.7 / ounce Gold and silver and other precious metals in the measurement, 1 ounce = 31.1035 grams. Gold is wrapped in mechanical or mechanical high-temperature welding, the very thin gold or K gold foil wrapped in silver or metal carcass surface method. Generally used for larger ornaments, such as gold-plated rings, gold bracelets and so on. Currently on the market there are many foreign imports of gold and gold jewelry such as the appearance of this type of jewelry and gold jewelry has nothing to do the golden bright and colorful people can not put it down at low prices. So the effect was worthy of its layer of "Yan installed" that package gold layer. The inner material of gold-clad jewelry is not a precious metal such as gold but is an alloy material of aluminum, copper, zinc and so on. A layer of gold is wrapped on the Replica Cartier jewelry surface of these materials. The inner material is wrapped like a wrapping paper. ? in order to compare with the gold jewelry. The advantages and disadvantages of gold jewelry depends on the success or failure of the package gold process. This process has a high demand ? such as the United States produced gold jewelry must be marked with its characteristics and the proportion of K gold ? such as ? 1 / 10.14K.GF? type that is 14K gold jewelry jewelry its gold To account for one-tenth of the weight of the entire jewelry is otherwise unqualified. If the gold-clad material with 1OK the following gold or gold or less than the weight of the whole jewelry is not one-twentieth of the "package of gold" the name. Gild As the gold package process is complex, and the cost is high, the quality is not very good, so almost completely replaced by gold plating. The so-called gold jewelry on the market, in fact almost all gold-plated products. Gold watch is silver and gold with the watch, that is, we often say "gold", "fine gold" section, is the production of watches with gold and gold or rose gold combination of style ( There are also using gold plating). Common in the use of the strap, but also the brand in the dial, case and other aspects of the use of gold between the process. Gold table Rolex gold watch money Gold table more and more hot: Gold table with a hard steel and harder, such as 18K gold or rose gold with the following, that is, the hardness of the material to better meet the pressure bearing wear effect, but also to the overall color has a rich sense of hierarchy. And sales significantly improved the reasons, of course, it is also a special price, more noble than steel, and not like gold, rose gold, platinum models as high as the price, so the achievements of both beautiful and cost-effective Gold watch. Whether the gold table fade: If the use of gold or rose gold material is not fade, even if the use of gold-plated technology, because the current gold-plated technology is relatively high, but also not leg color, but with the time to wear

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