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A Hello word has not finished, Zhang Yang's ass like a spring like a teng to stand up, his two hands holding the phone, Kazakhstan waist said: You say, you say, I listen to it Is it right now?

Heard replica designer belts mouth spit out the Wang Juchang when the word, Zhang Xiaojun's body involuntarily went to Zhanghai desk side tilt, ears stretched the old long, want to hear Wang Changzhang call Zhang Kechang what thing. Unfortunately, two far from the desk a bit far, Zhang Xiaojun Erythrocyte are Biede a little hurt, did not hear a word on the phone. hands holding the phone, until the phone came a busy tone, confirmed Wang Zhichang hung up the phone, this lightly put the microphone buttoned, as if a little bit, you can disturb the phone line that Wang Zhizhong general.

Kobayashi, first busy land. Put the phone, Zhang Hai looked up and looked at Lin Yuan, you told me to Wang Zhichang office trip.

Replica Gucci Belts startled a moment, asked: how long will it take? I would like to call the municipal side of the company account.

Zhang Yang Yang waved his hand, turned to Zhang Xiaojun said: Xiao Zhang, you give the municipal company to make a phone call to tell them, Kobayashi there is a hurry, temporarily can not go.

Zhang Xiaojun heart is jealous and lost, his face was crowded smile, repeatedly said: Yes, yes, I immediately called.

Zhang Haiyang led Replica Designer Belts came to the third floor of the office of the east office, office door cover, he reached out and gently knocked on the door, which came a majestic voice: Come in.

Zhang Haiyang this open the door of the office, led Lin far into.

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